24th February

... is the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Given that this is a crisis impacting people's lives in this country and could well proliferate further, is there an opportunity to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine by holding a minute's silence before the match on Saturday?

I'm guessing that's a big no then. Shame... it would have been a good gesture towards the local Ukrainian population and a potential publicity opportunity. Don't think Vlad Putin has a cruise missile aimed at NMP just yet.

I thought it was really good when we held the charity match for Ukraine, unfortunately I was injured that day so I couldn’t play (from another game at NMP funnily enough) but it was an enjoyable event and it was well attended by the Ukrainian community.

I've passed it on to the club.

(23-02-2024, 07:58 PM)Kitto Wrote:  I've passed it on to the club.

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