No Wembley & No TV

Using great imagination they called it 'The Greyhound'. And several roads on that 'Greyhound Estate' are named after actual greyhounds that raced there.

(22-02-2024, 10:14 PM)OldDirtyGlasses Wrote:  It was located in the area between the Horsbere Brook and Nine Elms Road - Manor Park nowadays.

I got bit by a dog whilst delivering there one Saturday morning. Right at the end too, was probably in one of the six yard boxes.

The owner didn't even acknowledge me let alone apologise. Wanker.

(22-02-2024, 10:35 PM)Kitto Wrote:  Here it is.

You can see 1 Jackson Crescent on there, Geoff Hancocks use to live there Wink

Quote:There's a pub there now, can't remember what it's called.

There was also a Linbar opposite. We used to do the weekly shop in ASDA every week but one time my mum heard about this new Linbar that had opened there and wanted to do the weekly shop there for a change, we got there and it was the size of a corner shop Wink

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