No Wembley & No TV

Our crowds were very good up until about the mid-60's.

(22-02-2024, 12:16 PM)MeadowClark Wrote:  Our crowds were very good up until about the mid-60's.

....when we moved to Horton road and changed our colours...(dons tin hat!).

(22-02-2024, 12:28 PM)Delta Papa Wrote:  ....when we moved to Horton road and changed our colours...(dons tin hat!).

We moved to Horton Road in 1964, so that lines up, we didn't change to yellow until 1982 though.

Having seen the work Tim Clark has done on it, I think we were predominantly red & white from 1920s to 1980s, doesn't look like there was any colour change that coincided with Horton Road move.

I never missed a home games from 74 through to 83, the club played in Westbury colours when they took us over in 1980, it was always red and white before then.
So Horton Rd move was nothing to do with it.
We had good gates when promoted into SLP but when relegated crowds often where circa 250 in the 1970s, its just that we where awful after the relegation until Westbury money came onboard

Interestingly our original kit up until 1905 was black with white sleeves, and we even had a yellow and black kit with white shorts and socks from 1910 to 1913 which I have no idea why!

Would be great on our 150th anniversary to have a special third kit with the black and white sleeves I reckon.

With the EFL logo on the sleeve too...

(22-02-2024, 01:48 PM)Kitto Wrote:  With the EFL logo on the sleeve too...
Nine years to achieve it then. Easy... 

I'm assuming the move from Longlevens to Horton Road was because of housing demand? Did we own the Longlevens ground? If so, were we paid for it? Or did it belong to another body (City council?) and we were the tenants and had to move? Just interested.

Looking at the Clarkopedia tells you that yes we owned the ground and played in mango and lime. Then Eastbury Homes bought into the club for a pickled egg and a packet of pork scratchings and their Chairman Heff Jester persuaded the board to adopt the company red and white logo. Before building houses on the land and moving us to a piece of gash land close to a gas holder.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

I'm curious as to whether Gloucester City 1980 LTD are a different club to the one that preceeded it like Hereford United and Hereford FC are.

None of this has anything to do with being on TV or playing at Wembley though.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

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