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RE: On this day - drbob - 05-12-2021

(05-12-2021, 04:49 PM)Neil Wrote:  I've been a City fan for 32 years, during which we've had some good times, some really good times, some barren times and then the absolute low point, 21 years ago at Paget Rangers.

They were dead last, been beaten heavily the week before and we swaggered into town, or some sink estate in Birmingham expecting to cruise to victory. We had been relegated and under "Team co-ordinator" Tommy Callinan were expecting to bounce back up.

We had just signed Matthew Parnell, I think he was a student at the Uni of Glos, he later appeared against us for Bashley a few years later, I asked club Secretary Jason Mills if we'd see him play, "in the second half when we're five or six up" was the reply.

We lost 0-3

We had a man sent off, I won't name him because he's not worth naming. I'd gone from seeing players who were truly worthy of admiring to seeing players who were probably lucky to be being paid to play football wearing the clubs colours. I remember being among City fans giving the ref dogs abuse as they came off at half time because of it, yet when cautioned the player had, when asked for his name and number apparently replied, "my numbers four, my names on that piece of paper in your dressing room".

I consider that the low point even though the club did go on to record eight successive defeats under Callinan a few months later.
Totally agree, Neil. Most of the names on that team sheet did not live long in the memory, although a few did form the core of the revival under Chris Burns.

RE: On this day - Neil - 05-12-2021

Russell Price stopped going around that time, he said that he could watch them for free on a sunday morning.

RE: On this day - Neil - 06-12-2021

6th December 1994 - won 4-1 at home to Crawley Town. They were 0-1 up with about five minutes to go then once we'd equalised we scored on every attaclk.

RE: On this day - Neil - 07-12-2021

7th December 1996 - A calamatous 2-4 home defeat to Burton Albion. They had fans on the T-End and when they scored the killer goal were chased off of it. Never forget the sight stood at the other end seeing them all run away as one!

2013 - A tremendous 5-1 win against a decent Hednesford Town side. I was going to upload the highlights but the audio is fubared.

RE: On this day - Neil - 09-12-2021

32 years ago today. Why Brian? Why did you take off Martin Lander?!!!

RE: On this day - Neil - 12-12-2021

Due the resounding amount of interest in these memories I've been persuaded to upload what I have of the replay from this day in 1989.

Two of the Cardiff team were in yellow and black a couple of years later. Which ones?

RE: On this day - Eric Van Der Floof - 12-12-2021

Leigh Barnard and Jonathan Morgan

RE: On this day - Neil - 12-12-2021

Another favourite.

One of my favourite ever away wins. On the back of an absolutely piss poor performance at home to Chezzzzzzunt, there were just seven of us in attendance for the midweek game against Kings Lynn. A ridiculous distance to travel for a midweek game pre-our Conference North days.

They'd just had a televised FA Cup game so it might've been a case of after the Lord Mayor's show for them but we pumelled them from the off, Syko hit the post with an audacious effort in the second minute and it would've been a travesty had we not won, but, in the end "AAWI 86 A" was all it needed.

RE: On this day - Joe - 12-12-2021

AAWI was some player on his day. Shame his career didn't pan out.

Talking of classy City players who never fulfilled their potential- whatever happened to Luke Prince?

RE: On this day - Neil - 12-12-2021

26 years ago today.

I missed this, I was on nights, it was Christmas Pressure, we were required to work from 2000-0600 EVERY night from the first Monday in December until 0600 on Christmas Eve. So I was delighted on Christmas Day to unwrap a VHS copy of this game even though we lost!

(12-12-2021, 01:05 PM)Joe Wrote:  AAWI was some player on his day. Shame his career didn't pan out.

Talking of classy City players who never fulfilled their potential- whatever happened to Luke Prince?

You always ask that!

I'm certain he was the dead weight that went down when his mate Darius Vassell went up.