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RE: On this day - Andrew B - 28-08-2023

28th August 1987.

 Today is ex GCAFC central defender Liam Daly's Birthday. Was part of the team which topped the National League North, (the season played behind closed doors, and ultimately cancelled, before the seasons end, due to Covid 19).

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 30-08-2023

30th August 1997.

    Gloucester City 0 - 1 Rothwell Town.
  (Dr Martens League, Premier Division).

This league fixture was played at Meadow Park, in front of a crowd of 582. Rothwell, from Northamptonshire, had been Newly Promoted to this league. A familiar face in the Rothwell squad, was ex GCAFC midfielder Andy Kirkup. Andy was a City player around two weeks before this fixture. Apparently, he was told by then City manager Leroy Roseinior, that he no longer figured in City's plans.
This match turned out to be a game for Andrews. Andy Kirkup set up the goal for Andy Bullimore to score. After dominating the start of the match, City brought on substitutes Andy Tucker and Andy Hoskins, towards the end.
But it was Rothwell who held on to win the match 1 - 0.

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 16-09-2023

16th September 1995.

     Gloucester City 2 - 1 Burton Albion.
      (Beazer Homes Premier Division).

  This league fixture was played at Meadow Park, attracting a crowd of 867. Burton Albion are now a League One team, (having also tasted life in the Championship). They also have a different Stadium, the Pirelli Stadium. A far cry from there previous ground, Eton Park.
 Believe that Nigel Clough was there Player/Manager at the time. But it was the then Gloucester City manager, John Murphy, whose team came out on top. 
 City best the Brewers 2 - 1, with Gloucesters goals being scored by midfielder Andy Adebowale, and striker David Holmes.

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 06-11-2023

6th November 2000.

 Wishing former GCAFC loan players Lewis Brunt, and Lucas Tomlinson, a Very Happy Birthday. 
 Both players were Born on the same day, and year. Both players play midfield, and first names start with the letter 'L'. (Don't think both players joined us on loan, on the same day).
 Lewis joined us on loan from Aston Villa. Now at Leicester City, is on loan at Mansfield Town.
 Lucas joined us on loan from Bristol Rovers. Now at Barry Town.

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 08-11-2023

8th November 2003.

 Clevedon Town 0 - 2 Gloucester City.
 (Dr Martens League, Western Division).

 Gloucester City were in league action against the coastal town. The match, played at the Hand Stadium, was watched by a crowd of 224.
 Player / Manager Chris Burns had player / coach Karl Bayliss playing up front. City defender Lee Jeffries was Playing against his former club, as was City midfielder Keith Knight. 
 It was Gloucester who would be taking the 3 points back up the M5. City won 2 - 0, the goal scorers were, Dave Wilkinson, and the player / coach, Karl Bayliss.

RE: On this day - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 08-11-2023

Was there, but missed both goals. Bitterly cold.

I believe this might have been Baylo's last appearance, if not then last goal, for City

RE: On this day - Eric Van Der Floof - 12-12-2023

For those old enough to remember this day in 1989 we played Cardiff in FA Cup 2nd replay with the carrot of QPR away in the 3rd round. We all know what happened on and off the pitch

RE: On this day - Neil - 12-12-2023

I think we got to the ground at about 5.30

RE: On this day - Bobby - 28-12-2023

10 years ago today...
Whilst this match is primarily remembered for Piegate, it did have one of my favourite City goals!

RE: On this day - Neil - 28-12-2023

Amazing how Connor Waldron just disappeared. We see a number of strikers from league clubs who don't look like scoring but this guy knew where the goal was.