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RE: On this day - Stable Lad - 26-11-2022

A few days after that match we played MT in the Trophy and won. We then went beat Lewes. Next up was an epic match v Woking where under the lights, away from home and against all the odds, we recorded a giant killing victory. It was then off to Southport and an equally thrilling giant killing under the lights. We made the 1/4 finals, rattled some big cages and had a blast.

Of course the crowd number does not lie and yes, for a City the size of Gloucester it was poor. The problems though were off the pitch; a hand to mouth existence bolstered up by a very small band of volunteers and the Supporters Trust.

Of course, things are much better now than they were (though I'm sure AP would say still not where they should be) and I don't think there will be many if any, who would want to go back to the struggles back then. But that affinity between the few fans we did have and Chris' team was special, it kept the club going when things looked very bleak sometimes.

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 01-12-2022

30th November 1996? 1st December 1996?

    Wishing former Gloucester City AFC fullback Kieran Parselle, either a Belated for yesterday, or for today, a Very Happy Birthday. (His Date of Birth varies on different sites). 
 Kieran is remembered for that wonder goal he scored at Weston Super Mare. I was stood in that stand behind the goal, in line with that top right hand corner.

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 05-12-2022

Saturday 5th December 2009.

    Gloucester City 0 - 1 Northwich Victoria.  (Blue Square North).

  It was an afternoon of frustration for City. This home match, being played at Cirencester Town's ground, was watched by a crowd of 316. The referee got to use his Cards during the game, showing Red Cards to two City players, Captain Tom Webb and Neil Mustoe. A Red Card was also shown to a Northwich player.
 But it was Northwich who went onto winning the game.

RE: On this day - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 05-12-2022


Wasn't this refereed by Sarah Garrett?

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 05-12-2022

(05-12-2022, 08:29 AM)SHANDY LOVE MACHINE Wrote:  His?

Wasn't this refereed by Sarah Garrett?
 Yes, Sorry, completely overlooked who the Referee was in Neil's TR. I missed this game, was with my Brother in Law and Sister. We were with our Uncle, who was Celebrating his 80th Birthday later that month.
 He was an Aston Villa supporter, for a Surprise, we took him to Villa Park to watch Aston Villa in a Premier League Match. 
 5th December 2009. Aston Villa 3 - 0 Hull City.

RE: On this day - Neil - 05-12-2022

I came to say the same thing Shandy

and the Northwich player sent off was Jamie Vermiglio who has just quit as Buxton manager.

RE: On this day - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 05-12-2022

The reason I remember it was because of the Northwich attitude to SG, they'd never get away with it now.

Looking at those photos there are a few younger faces, and a few who have left us since Sad

RE: On this day - Neil - 05-12-2022

Their assistant manager was sent off too. he looked a right thug. He just went and sat in the stand and upset a few supporters but wasn't supposed to have a view of the pitch having been red carded IIRC.

RE: On this day - Gladfans - 05-12-2022

I know we have more supporters now but how many faces from Neils album of the match still follow City. I would say all apart from two who are sadly no longer with us. Quite remarkable.

RE: On this day - Traud1 - 05-12-2022

After looking at those pictures it made me wonder whatever happened to Jack Harris?