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RE: On this day - Andrew B - 06-03-2022

(06-03-2022, 02:18 PM)Neil Wrote:  Monday night away game, still in the hunt for promotion, we left it late.
1994/95 season was my first full season supporting City. There seemed to be a feel good factor surrounding the Club. John Murphy was appointed manager from Trowbridge Town, where he brought some of the players with him. He also signed Mark Hallam from Hednesford Town, Alan Bird from Witney Town, and Mick Shearer was signed.
 We had a Kit Deal with Umbro, (I did like the home shirt), and Hartland Motors Renault were the Shirt Sponsor.
 Preseason 1994, we had some high profile home marches. Meadow Park welcomed Swindon Town, (First Team) Aston Villa and Everton, where there First Team played. On the Meadow Park pitch was the likes of Anders Limpar and Vinny Samways.
 I recall watching the home Merthyr Tydfil FA Cup match. Andy Adebowale was playing for Merthyr, I thought he was brilliant. Then about a week later, he signed for Gloucester. The same thing happened when we were home to Sittingbourne, a winger impressed me for them, Simon Ullathorne. Could not believe it when we signed him as well.
 I think we finished 4th that season? An improvement on the previous season.
 The following season still had the same high level of optimism. We had strikers David Holmes and Steve Portway. Shaun Rouse was signed. We were performing about the same as the previous season. Then early 1996, John Murphy was replaced by Leroy Rosenior. He brought in Andy Tucker and Simon Cooper from C********m, and Jon Holloway and Gary Thorne from Swindon Town. I believe David Johnson was signed from Rushden and Diamonds.
 The following 1996/97 season proved to be a good season, but ultimately ended in heartbreak. I think that the previous two seasons were the building blocks for 1996/97.
 Those three seasons were good. Also the T-End was given a roof.

RE: On this day - Neil - 07-03-2022

Ullathorne came soon after Portway, they'd been a prolific partnership at Gravesend and I think he came as his travel partner. I know Portway lived in Essex.

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 08-03-2022

8th March 2014.

    Who would have thought that we would be playing this ex-Championship Club in a League fixture? Gloucester City AFC had a home (played at C********m Town) Skrill North league fixture against Stockport County.
 A crowd of 531 saw Gloucester get the win, winning 2 - 0. The City goalscorers were, Adam Mann and Lewis Hogg.

RE: On this day - Neil - 08-03-2022

You neglect to mention this embarrassing miss by young Rhys Oates. Fortunately for him he went on to have a decent career so far.

Good job he didn't score else Coupey would've had to pay £13 admission fee for standing and watching. Plus, without looking it up, who is our number five and what is his link to the current setup?

RE: On this day - Joe - 08-03-2022

Hard to tell from behind in the video, but is it Ollie Barnes? And if so, it'll be a Bristol Rovers link?

RE: On this day - Neil - 08-03-2022

No, it's not Ollie. It's a really tenous link Wink

RE: On this day - Hank Scorpio - 09-03-2022

Can't tell you the link, but number 5 is Ruairidh(?) Winters.

RE: On this day - Neil - 09-03-2022

Roary Winters Wink

RE: On this day - Neil - 10-03-2022

March 10th 2009. There has never been a bigger miscarriage of justice in the history of football

[Image: FNhOAxvWYAABoem?format=jpg&name=360x360]

RE: On this day - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 11-03-2022

Who scored?