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RE: On this day - Si Robin - 01-03-2022

Uninteresting fact - No Doubt were the first artist to spend more than a week at number 1 in 1997.

RE: On this day - Stable Lad - 01-03-2022

(01-03-2022, 03:41 PM)Neil Wrote:  1st March 1997 - FA Trophy win against Runcorn

No Doubt were no1 with Don't Speak
 Harking back to the other thread about the TEnd.  If you travel a bit through Neil's brilliant link, there are some photos of the TEnd in full cry during that Trophy run.  I confess I was sat in the Stand, but for those who missed those heady days it's well worth a look.

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 02-03-2022

2nd March 1995.

     Wishing former Gloucester City AFC midfielder Joe Hanks a Very Happy Birthday. I believe Joe initially came to City on loan, along with James Bowen? 
 I think Joe had to take over as goalkeeper, as Jasbir Singh got Sent Off in a home match at C********m?
 Made me think of other outfield players that have had to go in between the sticks. I think Matt Rose had to replaced the Red Carded Kevin Sawyer in a home match at FGR? Leroy Rosenior played in goal from the start in an FA Trophy tie at Meadow Park against Kingstonian? 
 I drove to an away match at Bedworth United, I think Matt Batt got Sent Off, and Dave Wilkinson played in goal?

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 03-03-2022

3rd March 1987.

    Today Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to another ex GCAFC midfielder, Darren Mullings. Darren had two spells at Gloucester, was initially signed from Weston Super Mare, along with Mike Green and Tom Parinello.
 Darren is now a Player/Coach at Salisbury FC.

RE: On this day - Lee - 03-03-2022

(01-03-2022, 03:41 PM)Neil Wrote:  1st March 1997 - FA Trophy win against Runcorn

No Doubt were no1 with Don't Speak

My only memory of that game is their huge flag

RE: On this day - Neil - 04-03-2022

I recall there was a bit of trouble, sadly for them there had been some too at the Halifax game in the previous round so the local 5-0 had a bit of experience. When they were trying to arrest or remove a rather stubborn Runcorn fan who didn't want to let go of the crash barrier they started to rap his knuckle with a pair of handcuffs. I can feel that now just sat here typing about it. Ouch!

RE: On this day - Eric Van Der Floof - 04-03-2022

I seem to recall Liverpool were playing at Villa on the Sunday and a few of them made a weekend of it and found their way to MP to see what trouble they could cause.

RE: On this day - Neil - 04-03-2022

March 4th 2006, City won 1-0 at Northwood. This game had been earmarked as a vital six-pointer in our fight against relegation. We stayed up easily in the end.

Madonna was at number one with Sorry.

[Image: FNCQ_7TX0AE6Lw8?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 06-03-2022

6th March 1995.

    On this date, Gloucester City were away to Chelmsford City, playing each other in a Beazer Homes Premier Division fixture.
Played in front of a crowd of 536, City (Gloucester that is) Won 2 - 0. The goalscorers that day were Simon Ullathorne and Mark Hallam.

RE: On this day - Neil - 06-03-2022

Monday night away game, still in the hunt for promotion, we left it late.