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RE: On this day - Neil - 15-12-2021

(15-12-2021, 01:49 PM)Daveangel Wrote:  On this day in 1972, i drank a fair amount of milk, and soiled myself repeatedly.

happy birthday Shandy

RE: On this day - Daveangel - 15-12-2021

His birthday again!?

RE: On this day - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 16-12-2021

Thanks chaps.

It's today actually.

RE: On this day - Neil - 17-12-2021

December 17th 1994 - Hednesford Town - an absolutely massive away victory as we went to Hednesford and won 3-1. Andy Adebowale was superb that day. What a player!

17th December 2005 - City switched their home game with Chesham to their ground so Meadow Park could host the Fasthosts Christmas party. The Darkness, Boney M and Jonathan Ross graced the Meadow Park pitch!

(17-12-2021, 09:59 AM)Neil Wrote:  Ross and The Darkness star at £600,000 office party
Cahal Milmo
Tuesday 20 December 2005 01:00

But when employees of a Gloucester computer company and their families arrived for their festive bash, the fire-jugglers and fireworks that greeted them on a red carpet should have given a hint that they were in for more than a mobile disco and a platter of cocktail sausages.

By the end of the party on Saturday night in a marquee at the city's football ground, the guests had been entertained by the television host Jonathan Ross, veteran disco kings Boney M and post-ironic glam-rockers, The Darkness. All of which was accompanied by a complimentary bar offering Cristal champagne, vintage wines and fine spirits for the 200 revellers.

The event, which cost £600,000, was paid for by Andrew Michael, the owner of Fasthosts, a website hosting service that is one of Britain's fastest growing technology companies.


Mr Michael, 25, who co-founded his enterprise at the age of 17 in his bedroom as part of an A-level project, has made a habit of throwing what are probably the most lavish office Christmas parties in the land. The company lists "astounding Christmas parties" in a rundown of "culture and benefits" on the recruitment page of its website. Last year, staff were entertained by Rachel Stevens, Girls Aloud and the Sugababes. In 2003, they had Mis-Teeq, the Cheeky Girls and Louise Redknapp.

Mr Michael, who has watched his company's sales grow from £240,000 in 1999 to £20m this year, explained that paying six-figures for live A-list(ish) acts rather than the traditional Slade CD was a way of rewarding his employees. "We are a growing company with a relatively small staff but they are all incredibly important to our success so the parties are a way of showing my appreciation of their work," he said. They have grown year on year and the Slade CD was never going to be an alternative."

Despite three weeks of planning, the party at Gloucester City Football Club nearly did not happen. The event was cancelled last week after a Sunday newspaper caught wind of its line-up and the publicity led to fears it would be stampeded by fans of The Darkness. Police also threatened to ban the event on safety grounds but eventually relented after Mr Michael announced it had been cancelled, forcing a frantic operation to re-book the bands and resurrect the marquee.

Plans to offer an afternoon party for underprivileged children from the area had to be cancelled. A charity auction, with lots including one of Ross's suits and a guitar belonging to The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins, was held instead, raising £9,000.

Mr Michael insisted that the difficulties would not encourage him to give his staff gift vouchers rather than stage another star-studded event next year. "I sometimes feel like I may have made a rod for my own back but there will be another party next year. But I think we'll have keep it a bit more of a secret."

RE: On this day - Neil - 19-12-2021

In 2015 a good 2-1 win at FCUM. We enjoyed our trips there, had a perfect record against them at home too until the last game when Jas got beaten from distance. Poor form on our part not to release the highlight video.

RE: On this day - Neil - 20-12-2021

Three times we've played on the 20th December and three times we've drawn.

3-3 at home to Gresley in 1994, 0-0 at home to Crawley in 1997 and 1-1 at Hitchin in 2008. I went to the Hitchin game, finished work at about noon and drove up there. I wish I could find that enthusiasm again Sad

RE: On this day - Andrew B - 21-12-2021

Can remember the 17th December 1994. GCAFC away to Hednesford Town, who were top of the league, and we went there and won 3 - 1.
 On that day, I was at Highbury to watch Arsenal Vs Leeds United in a Premier League fixture. I went to the game on the South West Arsenal supporters coach. This match also finished 3 - 1, unfortunately Leeds won the match. 
 Can remember coming back on the coach, (before the age of the mobile phone and internet) someone said that Gloucester City had won. The Gloucester based supporters were chanting at the supporters that came from C********m.

RE: On this day - Neil - 21-12-2021

On this day thirty years ago I upset Shaun Penny by shouting "Put Bywater up front" after the centre half had scored two headers from set pieces at Atherstone. Penny heard my tongue in cheek shout, turned around and shouted back "cheeky bastard".

Then the next time he was in the penalty box lining up for a corner he turned to the supporters and asked who shouted it!

RE: On this day - Neil - 21-12-2021

1996 - we lost 0-2 away at Nuneaton Borough. My God it was cold, I can still feel it now. I was in between night shifts so my old man drove back, almost home he told me that we were going to run out of petrol, me in my semi concious state didn't take it seriously, him at the wheel didn't bother pulling into a petrol staion. We ran out of petrol half a mile from home.

RE: On this day - Neil - 23-12-2021

23rd December 2006

3-2 away at Corby. I had an incident which caused me to miss a large chunk of the second half but I got back in time to see Jamie Reid notch a last minute winner!